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44 West St, Petersham.

When Pope John Paul II gave permission for the establishment of the Fraternity, he most importantly allowed us to found seminaries. We began with two major international seminaries: St Peter's in Wigratzbad, Germany,; and Our Lady of Guadalupe in the USA.

In 2004 the Fraternity began our own local Ezechiel House Novitiate. Young men can now visit a house in Sydney, Australia, for vocation retreats.

The Chapel.

Ezechiel House also provides the first year of seminary formation - "The Year of Spirituality" - so men no longer have to go overseas to begin seminary training as the first priests from Australia did.

We currently have three graduates of Ezechiel House at our major seminaries overseas.

Please write to Fr Wong if you would like to discern a vocation with the Fraternity:

Ezechiel House Novitiate
Director: Fr Duncan Wong, FSSP
44 West St, PO Box 917
Petersham, NSW 2049
Ph: 02 9572 9694

A visit from the Immaculata Sisters, August 2013.

Ordination of Deacon Paul Leung [third from left] on March 16, 2013, by Bishop Emeritus Fabian Bruskewitz at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Omaha, USA.

Seminarians with Bishop Anthony Fisher during a visit.


The Southern Cross Region purchased a house - 44 West St, Petersham, an inner suburb of Sydney, NSW, for our Novitiate. The house was a dilapidated 105-year-old biulding requiring extensive renovations. When completed the House will have a chapel, library/classroom, dining area and accommodation for priests and students.

Fr Wong and our three seminarians for this year took up residence in 44 West St on August 15, 2007. The ground floor renovations have almost been completed, and we are preparing to begin work on the second floor. We need to make retreat rooms available for the men who are interested in joining in 2008.

2013 Seminarians: Thomas Sofatzis, His Eminence George Cardinal Pell, Roger Gilbride, and Brendan Boyce.

Our Generous Benefactors

The purchase of Ezechiel House and its renovations is funded entirely by private donations. It does not receive any financial assistance from overseas or the Church in Australia.

To September, 2011, the generosity of our donors has raised $150,000 to commence the work. The Chapel and Dining Area have been completed.

The Library.

A further $250,000 is needed to complete this project. A fund-raising dinner in November, 2011 was a major fundraising event for this project.

The dinner was a great success.

All the benefactors of Ezechiel House are remembered in the prayers and Masses of the Fraternity priests.


Please contact Our Lady of the Southern Cross Regional House if you wish to support us in our work, and receive our periodic newsletter Fraternitas. The most important work of the Region is our Formation programme. Regular benefactors also receive our monthly update Communitas, and have Mass offered for them on First Fridays.

Donations can be sent by cheque to:
"FSSP Australia",
PO Box 46
Pendle Hill
NSW 2145, Australia

For Direct Debit and Bequests details please contact Our Lady of the Southern Cross Regional House.

2008 Seminarian Paul Leung with his Ordinary,
Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong,
at Balmain during WYD 2008.